Saturday Afternoon Shopping with Keggs.


Today on ‘Shopping With Keggs’… we ventured to the lovely haven which offers quality stuff with some occassionally great specials… Myer Knox City. And today was one of those days where said great specials popped up. Hence, instead of wisely saving my money, I parted with it, and this is what I picked up: Slim Kenji chinos in the hip burgundy colour which is totally in at the moment. Was $69.95. Keggs picks up for $52. Grey Kenji Beret-looking hat on a markdown table… was $25 at one stage. Keggs picks up for $6.50. And finally, reusable coffee cup designed to save the planet being given away at a desk outside of Myer if you spend $50 anywhere in the centre. Keggs picks up for free. Only downside was the cup was meant to come with a free coffee voucher, but the promo people had run out. However, they reffered me to one of their participating outlets, where I tested out said cup for a discounted mocha. Tasted nice. Keggs pays $3.50. And I also got a new part to fix my watch for 8.95. All up, that brings my afternoon of loitering around Knox to a grand total of just over $70. Pretty happy with my efforts. Winning.


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