My first crowd surf

Soundwave has been a good hunting ground for me when it comes to festival experiences.

Not only has it brought stacks of rockin’ heavy bands to our shores, but it has also helped me learn the ropes of all the activities in the mosh pit.

Sure, i’m a seasoned member of the mosh and can jump up and down and hold my own in rows of sweaty punters – but its the more dangerous sequences like the fight circles, walls of death and crowd surfs which i’ve been more cautious of.

At my first Soundwave, following a fun session downing smuggled in vodka in the stands, a friend & I got jumped into the fight circles for Devildriver, In Flames and Lamb Of God. Sure, there was a bit of pushing, shoving and bumping, but I found they weren’t as life-threatening as they appeared to be. Infact, people were picking up those who fell over in all the madness, and making sure everyone was ok. New turf conquered.

However, crowd surfing is another story. On many ocassions i’ve been the one getting someone landing on top of me, or helped them get pushed over the barrier in an awkward position.

Being a bit bigger and heavier than most of the crazy crowdsurfers & losing my prime spot near the front of the stage have also been reasons why I haven’t attempted a surf in the past. Oh, and then there’s the prospect of landing on your head and looking pretty silly.

However, at around 6pm on this day two weeks ago, I bit the bullet. Standing towards the left of Lamb Of God’s pit about 10 rows from the front & needing to head off to see Hatebreed’s set, I was faced with two options – make my way through the copious rows of people and head out the back, or do the crowd surf and go over the front. Based on the fact I was seeing my favourite band on the Soundwave bill, I secured all the stuff in my pockets.. and went for option 2.


As LOG were pumping out their track Ruin , I got a couple of guys in front of me to launch me up. In the air and heading face first towards the stage… the people infront of me put their hands up… and held me! After being carried forward, I managed to turn around for a bit to see the crowd and give a salute, before the men in orange up the front helped me do a mini flip over the barrier and land safely.

And to finish it off, as I was making my way out towards the exit, I got my inner rock star on and high fived some people along the barrier.

So there you go, another thing ticked off my stuff to do before I die list – crowd surf at a concert. Thanks to the punters & security at Soundwave for allowing me to have a safe & fun experience… and thanks obviously to Lamb Of God for providing the ass-kicking soundtrack.

Come back soon guys so I can stick around for your whole set next time!


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