Jimmy 3, Colossal Sundae 0.

Earlier tonight, after a superb feed at the Airstream Cafe, the boys and I decided to venture about 100m down the complex and have some deserts at Pancake Parlour.

And it was there that James decided to reignite his rivalry with the biggest, most epic item on their menu – The Colossal Sundae.  As you can see by its description on the menu below, it’s a diabetic and dietitian’s worst nightmare.

Even though it’s reccomended to share, James has smashed the whole thing on his own on two previous occasions.  However, tonight was a tougher challenge, as he had just consumed a massive steak and chips and a pint of Hoegaarden back at Airstream.  One wonders how much he had left in his stomach for this:

But, somehow, after several brainfreezes, he knocked it over.  However, in my brief interview with him after his all-conquering efforts, Jim admitted that this was the hardest out of his three previous sundae sessions.

“I haven’t been in training,” he said.  “The last time I did this was six months ago, so it was hard.”

“Now, I feel pregnant.  It’s as if I’ve got something just bulging inside me.”

I ain’t suprised about that!  When I left, James also had a large mug of Apple Cider to finish off – but I can’t confirm whether he got through that as well.

Anyway, considering the amount of stuff he’s consumed tonight, I dare say Jim won’t need much to eat tomorrow.  But if only Pancake Parlour had an honour board or a challenge for downing a Colossal Sundae in a certain amount of time… we certainly would have a worthy candidate right here.  Well done bruz.

Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s what I had at PP tonight – the nowhere near as big, but super chocolatey and colourful Alice In Wonderland desert:


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