Jimmy 3, Colossal Sundae 0.

Earlier tonight, after a superb feed at the Airstream Cafe, the boys and I decided to venture about 100m down the complex and have some deserts at Pancake Parlour.

And it was there that James decided to reignite his rivalry with the biggest, most epic item on their menu – The Colossal Sundae.  As you can see by its description on the menu below, it’s a diabetic and dietitian’s worst nightmare.

Even though it’s reccomended to share, James has smashed the whole thing on his own on two previous occasions.  However, tonight was a tougher challenge, as he had just consumed a massive steak and chips and a pint of Hoegaarden back at Airstream.  One wonders how much he had left in his stomach for this:

But, somehow, after several brainfreezes, he knocked it over.  However, in my brief interview with him after his all-conquering efforts, Jim admitted that this was the hardest out of his three previous sundae sessions.

“I haven’t been in training,” he said.  “The last time I did this was six months ago, so it was hard.”

“Now, I feel pregnant.  It’s as if I’ve got something just bulging inside me.”

I ain’t suprised about that!  When I left, James also had a large mug of Apple Cider to finish off – but I can’t confirm whether he got through that as well.

Anyway, considering the amount of stuff he’s consumed tonight, I dare say Jim won’t need much to eat tomorrow.  But if only Pancake Parlour had an honour board or a challenge for downing a Colossal Sundae in a certain amount of time… we certainly would have a worthy candidate right here.  Well done bruz.

Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s what I had at PP tonight – the nowhere near as big, but super chocolatey and colourful Alice In Wonderland desert:


Cities I’ve Travelled To:

So I found this app on Facebook which you can use to show where you’ve been in the world.  Hence, I used it, and started pinning whichever cities I could remember I’d been to when I holidayed with the folks when I was younger – and the ones worthy of a mention as well… even if they seem like they’re next door (hello Shepparton and Bendigo).


My first crowd surf

Soundwave has been a good hunting ground for me when it comes to festival experiences.

Not only has it brought stacks of rockin’ heavy bands to our shores, but it has also helped me learn the ropes of all the activities in the mosh pit.

Sure, i’m a seasoned member of the mosh and can jump up and down and hold my own in rows of sweaty punters – but its the more dangerous sequences like the fight circles, walls of death and crowd surfs which i’ve been more cautious of.

At my first Soundwave, following a fun session downing smuggled in vodka in the stands, a friend & I got jumped into the fight circles for Devildriver, In Flames and Lamb Of God. Sure, there was a bit of pushing, shoving and bumping, but I found they weren’t as life-threatening as they appeared to be. Infact, people were picking up those who fell over in all the madness, and making sure everyone was ok. New turf conquered.

However, crowd surfing is another story. On many ocassions i’ve been the one getting someone landing on top of me, or helped them get pushed over the barrier in an awkward position.

Being a bit bigger and heavier than most of the crazy crowdsurfers & losing my prime spot near the front of the stage have also been reasons why I haven’t attempted a surf in the past. Oh, and then there’s the prospect of landing on your head and looking pretty silly.

However, at around 6pm on this day two weeks ago, I bit the bullet. Standing towards the left of Lamb Of God’s pit about 10 rows from the front & needing to head off to see Hatebreed’s set, I was faced with two options – make my way through the copious rows of people and head out the back, or do the crowd surf and go over the front. Based on the fact I was seeing my favourite band on the Soundwave bill, I secured all the stuff in my pockets.. and went for option 2.


As LOG were pumping out their track Ruin , I got a couple of guys in front of me to launch me up. In the air and heading face first towards the stage… the people infront of me put their hands up… and held me! After being carried forward, I managed to turn around for a bit to see the crowd and give a salute, before the men in orange up the front helped me do a mini flip over the barrier and land safely.

And to finish it off, as I was making my way out towards the exit, I got my inner rock star on and high fived some people along the barrier.

So there you go, another thing ticked off my stuff to do before I die list – crowd surf at a concert. Thanks to the punters & security at Soundwave for allowing me to have a safe & fun experience… and thanks obviously to Lamb Of God for providing the ass-kicking soundtrack.

Come back soon guys so I can stick around for your whole set next time!

Saturday Afternoon Shopping with Keggs.


Today on ‘Shopping With Keggs’… we ventured to the lovely haven which offers quality stuff with some occassionally great specials… Myer Knox City. And today was one of those days where said great specials popped up. Hence, instead of wisely saving my money, I parted with it, and this is what I picked up: Slim Kenji chinos in the hip burgundy colour which is totally in at the moment. Was $69.95. Keggs picks up for $52. Grey Kenji Beret-looking hat on a markdown table… was $25 at one stage. Keggs picks up for $6.50. And finally, reusable coffee cup designed to save the planet being given away at a desk outside of Myer if you spend $50 anywhere in the centre. Keggs picks up for free. Only downside was the cup was meant to come with a free coffee voucher, but the promo people had run out. However, they reffered me to one of their participating outlets, where I tested out said cup for a discounted mocha. Tasted nice. Keggs pays $3.50. And I also got a new part to fix my watch for 8.95. All up, that brings my afternoon of loitering around Knox to a grand total of just over $70. Pretty happy with my efforts. Winning.

Snaps from the city

When you give a guy 15 mins to bum around after just missing a train, this is what you get.  Yours truly filling in the time taking photos of our wonderful city & its landmarks.. in and around Flinders St Station.











And, funnily enough, most of this post was compiled on my tablet while I was coming home on the train. So thanks Samsung for creating a device that made a typical ride on Melbourne’s public transport system just that bit more bareable.

BDO Memories: Nothing tops RATM.

ImageTomorrow is somewhat of a milestone day for my festival-going habits.  I’ll be attending my fifth Big Day Out in seven years – and this year also marks the festival’s 20th anniversary.

The BDO has become a part of Australian cultural folklore – it’s almost a rite of passage to go to the event at least once in your life.  Sure, it has changed a fair bit, the ticket prices have increased heaps and there has been increasing competition with all sorts of new festivals popping up over the years.

But the BDO has always brought some of the world’s best acts to our shores, and it has also introduced thousands of new festival-goers to the awesomeness of live music and mosh pits.  And for that, Ken West deserves a massive pat on the back (especially with all the dramas he’s encountered behind the scenes this year).

I’ve seen many memorable performances at the five Big Day Outs I’ve been to. There was Iggy and The Stooges’ wild set at my first BDO in 2006, Tool’s lasers and eye-popping visuals in 2007, Muse’s knockout displays in 2007 and 2010, The Killers’ coming of age in 2007 – and the anthemic, joy-filled sets from some our country’s best acts past and present like Powderfinger, Silverchair, Wolfmother, The Vines, The Living End and Hilltop Hoods.

But hands down – the best set that I have seen at Big Day Out – let alone any festival that I’ve been to in my life – is from Rage Against The Machine who headlined in 2008.  The atmosphere in the mosh pit then was like no other gig that I have been to – just thousands of people all bouncing around and rockin’ out together like a cult army.  Whether it was Testify, Bulls On Parade, Guerilla Radio, Freedom, Wake Up, Bullet In The Head or Killing In The Name – each track was met with such a passionate response and led to dust clouds filling the air en masse due to all the jumping up and down.  

It was just vintage stuff, and at some stages, being in a RATM mosh pit felt like a battle to hang in there and make it through!  It’s going to take something incredibly special to match the atmosphere, energy and passion of that performance.

But having said that, I am very much looking forward to seeing Kanye, Soundgarden, The Living End, Hilltop Hoods, Parkway Drive, Boy & Bear, Stonefield and Calling All Cars all in action tomorrow – and I’m sure they will deliver great performances of their own!  I’m also going to be doing some reviews of the festival for Music Feeds – so keep an eye out for them on Monday.



Why this year’s Hottest 100 is all about who will get No.2.

Wally De Backer – I hope you’ve got champagne on ice.  You’re going need it around 9pm tomorrow.

The Australia Day institution that is the Triple J Hottest 100 will be blasting out of our radios from midday – now in its 21st year.  Created by my former university lecturer Lawrie Zion – the countdown celebrates the best 100 songs of the year that has passed by – as voted by Triple J listeners.

In the past, there have been winners which have lived up to the station’s alternative nature (Queens Of The Stone Age’s No One Knows, The Cranberries’ Zombie), some local artist gems (Powderfinger’s My Happiness and These Days, Augie March’s One Crowded Hour), obvious songs which owned the year (Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out, Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl?) and some suprises (The Offspring’s Pretty Fly For A White Guy, Alex Lloyd’s Amazing and Bernard Fanning’s Wish You Well).

And tomorrow – another song will join those ranks.  It will be Gotye (featuring Kimbra)’s Somebody That I Used To Know.

Not since Kings Of Leon’s Sex On Fire in 2008 has there been such a hot and obvious favourite for the winner of the world’s biggest music poll.  Sportingbet had a market going last month for Somebody That I Used To Know to win at $1.15 – with ‘Any Other Song’ at around $5.

Somebody That I Used To Know ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a Hottest 100 frontrunner:

  • A Triple J-approved artist whose past releases got plenty of airplay on the station,
  • A crossover hit which went from being played on the J’s to being flogged all over commerical radio.  When you can hear it on an Austereo station’s breakfast show, you know you’ve cracked it.
  • Scored industry acclaim and numerous awards (ARIA gave it Single Of The Year, while Gotye and Kimbra won Best Male and Female artists respectively).
  • Recieve a whole new audience of ‘mainstream’ fans – who pack out your shows just to hear your new hit single (Gotye sold out four shows at The Forum in October).
  • Had numerous people covering it on YouTube or in their live shows – (just look at Canadian band Walk Off The Earth’s recent awesome cover of the song – which has clocked up over 36 million views and seen them invited to play on Ellen).

And, courtesy of my fellow blogging friend Jeremy Stevens at On The Tune – I’ve learnt another bit of news that makes Gotye’s task even easier.  His only real threat – Foster The People’s somewhat-catchy, somewhat-annoying radio staple Pumped Up Kicks is ineligible for this year’s countdown as it was released in 2010.

So, tomorrow – the only interesting thing worth listening out for is who is going to get score the second most popular song in 2011.  In any other year, that artist would be the real winners of the Hottest 100.  My prediction is fellow Triple J approved Aussie act-of-the-moment Boy & Bear may fill that spot.

Instead, they’re going to have to play second fiddle to the song which has owned altenative and commerical radio, led to an unheard-of Canadian group becoming YouTube sensations, and turned the normally pop-and-dance filled ARIA Charts on its head.

Brace yourself Australia – much like Angus and Julia Stone last year –  the crossover indie ‘hype’ act of the year is going to reign supreme again.  Gotye and Kimbra have the 2011 Triple J Hottest 100 in the bag – and I dare anyone else to suggest otherwise.

You can stream the Hottest 100 here from Midday tomorrow (AEDST).