Plankin’ in Lakes

Yeah yeah… i’m about nine months late on the whole planking craze.  But that’s exactly what a mate and I got up to during a bored/random moment on our Men’s Weekend in Lakes Entrance on Saturday.

Fresh from turning the phonebox into “Out Of Order” mode, Adam decided to perch himself across the two poles lying at the entrance of the Lakes Plaza – as we waited for Chris to finish up in the toilet.


He successfully posed, and I then had the urge to do the same and bring out my inner superman.  Mind you, it was just a tad uncomfortable – I felt like I had a pole pumping right into my stomach!  But when you’re putting most of your weight on it, I guess that is to be expected.


Oh, and for those of you still playing along at home – we then proceeded to go and buy some stuff from  Safeway.  The rest of the trip was filled with beach, eating at the pub, drinking, mini golf and watching movies.  Good times had by all.


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